And We’re Back….Let’s Kick This Off Right

Hi folks,

I want to personally thank you for sticking with HIP through this trying time and the lapse in publishing. Now that things have settled down, we will be accepting submissions once more. Any contests that were ongoing have been canceled and we are not running any contests at this time. HOWEVER, we would like to issue a challenge. Send us no more than 100 words (must be nonfiction whether it’s in the format of poetry or prose) on someone you LOVE (widely defined) and we’ll (most likely) publish it. Can be a family member, friend, random stranger you just met, your dog, your spouse, your same sex partner, the guy who serves you fries at Burger King, someone you’re not supposed to love- JUST SEND IT IN!

As usual, send submissions and questions to and this theme will keep going beyond Valentine’s Day (just for a bit).

Lovingly yours,

Allie Coker-Schwimmer