Brand New Poetry!

Welcome to some wonderful, previously unpublished poetry by Mr. Jeff Lewis.

The Dancing Bear

The Dancing Bear
Sat at the fair
Not in his lair
Not where he’d care
Not that it’s fair to the Bear
This enforced savoir faire
The twinkling toes
Him dancing there
My so pretty Dancing Bear
My poor poor little
See, See, I pretend I care
I so care
about my Bear
I do,
Oh yes, indeed
I do… so long as the ink is black.

Sitting with the Man-In-The-Moon

I went and sat

Sat with the Man-In-The-Moon

I asked if he had anything to say

I waited a while for his answer

When he did answer


I yelled back

How stupid is that!

What else have you to say?

Again I waited

Again I got my answer

Same answer


And I listened

This time I listen to Silence

In Silence I found a heart beat

It was mine

I had not heard it for sometime

I thanked the Man-In-The-Moon

I apologized for yelling

He said it was nothing

Actually it was “de nada”

But no matter.

I had my heart beat

So I went home

In no time at all, I lost it

All the noise

All the racket

All the clatter

It was gone!

I went back, and sat

Sat with the Man-In-The-Moon

Told him I needed his help

He said no

I told him I lost my heart beat

He told me to listen

In the Silence there I heard my heart

See, he said

It was there all the while

I went home again

All the noise

All the racket

All the clatter

Still sometimes I lose it

Ok, a lot

But I know it’s there

Now I go and sit

Sit with the Man-In-The-Moon

Not so much for his help

But he’s cool to hang with



Dude has a line on

Some great and funky cheese.

The Royal Wedding Of Wincing Prince Charming

A royal wedding was planned, oh my!
But royal plans can go awry!
Lets meet the cast.
From first to last.
And see who goes where, and why!

Now there was a jolly, jolly King.
But what good does he bring?
He would laugh like an ass,
And fall with a crash,
And give his crown a ding!

Now M’lady the Queen
She was a wee bit mean.
With just a glance,
You’ve lost your chance,
And your head’s chopped off clean!

And then there was the Prince.(Prince Charming)
He was a bit of a wince.
He went to bed.
He woke up dead.
And he hasn’t felt the same since!

Lovely, lovely Marie.
A princess, and a bride to be.
But when the fool, Prince Charming
Died, so alarming!
She set quickly back to sea!

“Call the Navy!”, cried Chancellor Black,
“The woman Marie, she must come back!
The poison, she hid it!
I’m sure she did it,
Even if evidence I lack!”

The Easy Way… Ain’t

It is always the looping path, the queer way, the twists and turns.

Difficulties that invite us, call us, bid us – learn.

Many would find the rocky trail hindered, and stern.

But from those prickly puzzles,

and the teaching’s of their quizzes,

might we, with wisdom taught,

Our course in life, at last, discern.