Poems by Douglas Polk

battered and abused,
tired on the page,
unloved and unwanted,
still searching for a place,
a home of their own,
the meaning gone,
a faded photograph,
typed or in long hand,
only words,
saying the same things,
over and over,
and sex,
and ache,
the soul a fount of emotion,
yet the mind runs dry,
of words,
in silence the rage builds,
lacking words,
colors fill the vacuum,
dancing behind the eyelids.
A Morning Walk
the sunrise greeted on a walk by the creek,
among the cottonwood,
rotten and fallen over in the wind,
ants on the logs,
seem to stop and swear at me,
feeling the part of the intruder,
moving along looking for my place in the universe,
horses behind the gate to the horse pasture,
awaiting a treat or two,
a daily ritual,
done to insure a good day,
the treats given,
I climb the hill,
the highest on the place,
standing on top,
closing my eyes I give thanks,
for all I am,
and all I hope to be.
A Smile
she smiled a smile,
I knew reserved for me,
an outsider,
hers the only smile we saw,
our business to list and sell the biggest ranch around,
priced out of reach of the local population,
I wished we were spending the night,
but sadly ate and drove away,
she was gone,
by the time we made our next trip,
but I remember her smile.



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