Hello Dear Readers

Today we have a special treat– film reviews and a HIP debate. We hope you will enjoy them. A few notes:

1) If you have a movie review or article you’d like to submit, please feel free to do so! Everyone’s a critic and HIP is always searching for quality criticism.

2) In August or September we will be publishing a special “Superhero!” feature. If you have any ideas/suggestions/essays/etc. you would like to submit for that one you know where to send it! That’s right– ace.coker12@gmail.com

3) We’re slowly building back up the momentum we had once gained, so tell your friends, cousins, spouse, partner, parents, siblings, pets, teachers, students, co-workers, and the mailman about us so our readership will contribute to grow and the wonderful writing will keep flowing in like honey.

Thanks all,

Allie Coker-Schwimmer




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