Kelly Seale

Your seduction’s so subtle, your effect on me so sweet,

You dance on air, and consume me with your fire,

I feel your touch, and oh…I feel your heat…

You’ve captured my soul, you fill me with desire.

Your kiss, the kiss of sweet death,

Tastes like heaven’s hell…

The more I taste you, the more I crave you,

And I’m sucked into your warm embrace.

And as you dance…your curves, your smile,

The delicate, deadly way you move…

I’m drawn to your decadent fragrance,

I’m hooked on your darkness,

I’m hooked on your groove.

I’d follow you anywhere, for just another taste of you,

I’m locked within death’s tight grip,

As you lead me to the chopping block…

I can feel my heart quicken, I can feel myself slip,

I can’t stop now, as I welcome your kiss of death…

And I gladly place my head in the guillotine,

As I take one last taste, one last breath…

And Inhale of your sweet nicotine-

I choke…on your


I’ve been writing poetry and short storys since I was 12. I am a 20 year US Navy veteran, now working as a Power Plant Engineer for PNM Resources, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I am 55 and have been happily married for 25 years. I have 4 children, 2 grown daughters and two teenage boys. Writing and photography are my passions in life and I am confident that soon, my dreams of getting  a book published with be realized. A book of my poems is within easy reach, and a novel will be soon to follow. Thank you for choosing “Smoke” as the third place winner for poetry, I hope those that read it, see between the lines and discover it’s meaning. For me, it continues to be a constant battle which I am determined to win.
Kelly Seale.


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