Ellie May”

Kelly Seale

Riding full out, man and beast, two souls becoming one.Free as the wind, with no experience, just love.
She knew what she was doing, I didn’t. I trusted her, for we had a bond like no other. Common sense, went out the window, with the crossing of the black cat.
I let go of the reins, arms up in the air, embracing freedom, celebrating life. She could turn on a dime, which is exactly what she did. I knew in an instant, that I was coming off, and in that instant, slow motion effects kicked in. She wasn’t at fault. She did exactly what she was supposed to do, she stopped. I kept going, arms out to brace my fall.
My plan, was to tumble roll, a path of rocks lay before me in a blur. The impact was dead on, a sickening, liquid crunch that turned the landscape bright crimson red. I stood there, looking at my twisted body, my cracked open skull. She stood by me, waiting patiently for me to get up, whinnying, stomping her feet. I watched as she put her nose down to my mangled face, confused as to why I wasn’t getting back up to re-mount her.
Fast forward. Ambulance paramedics loading the gurney into the back, red stained sheet covering my face. She watched as they drove off the field, lights flashing, but no sound. I gave her a kiss on her nose, patted her neck, letting her know that it wasn’t her fault, that I still loved her, would always love her.
Everything faded to Black. I woke up, in sweat-soaked sheets tangled around my limbs. My broken wrist, throbbing with intense pain. The goose-neck break, was now straight. Pins protruding from within my bone. I reached for the bottle of pills on my nightstand. Outside, she called to me, wondering when we would ride again. Goddamn Vicodin.

I’ve been writing poetry and short storys since I was 12. I am a 20 year US Navy veteran, now working as a Power Plant Engineer for PNM Resources, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I am 55 and have been happily married for 25 years. I have 4 children, 2 grown daughters and two teenage boys. Writing and photography are my passions in life and I am confident that soon, my dreams of getting  a book published with be realized. A book of my poems is within easy reach, and a novel will be soon to follow. Thank you for choosing “Smoke” as the third place winner for poetry, I hope those that read it, see between the lines and discover it’s meaning. For me, it continues to be a constant battle which I am determined to win.
Kelly Seale.


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