Bisexual Man in the Moon

Twiggy Munford


Bisexual man in the moon,

winking like a shy girl in puberty,

shining full,

not covered in cloud clothes.

Often your manly face appears  

with a Halloween smile,

vulpine eyes with jagged lines glowing,

bounced by earthly astronauts.

A female you must surely be,

rolling up your petticoats, pulling the tides

gently to and from shores,

waxing and waning as if,

as if exhaling your breath in feverish love,

bosom pale.

So proud you are,

Bisexual Man and Woman in the Moon,

reigning supreme,

up there among the stars,

king and queen of the night.

Attended Pan-American Business School, Virginia Commonwealth University & University of Richmond Evening Classes; retired from U.S. District Court for the Eastern Dist. Of Va. As Admin. Assistant to the Hon. Robert R. Merhige, Jr., U.S. Dist. Judge in 1998.

Currently doing volunteer work as secretary and shipment coordinator

For Children’s Medical Services Int., Inc., a 501c(3) local grass-roots non-profit organization helping third-world children achieve quality health care through sending professional medical doctors and nurses, esp. to Jamaica (all volunteer work) for a week or two yearly, as well as shipping donated necessary medical equipment & supplies to medical facilities there through the U.S. AID Agency.   In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry and taking various classes of interest,

As well as taking care of my husband and assisting friends in need.


Why do you write? 

I love words!  And writing

Words in poetic form are a challenge.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your writing? 

Most anything – nature, emotions, events, etc.

 How did the poem “Bisexual Man in the Moon” get started? 

Simply thinking about whether the “Man in the Moon” could actually be a woman.

What has your writing journey been like? 

It’s an outlet as well as something to do whenever boredom sets in.

What are some other writing projects you are currently working on? Books? Blogs/websites? 

Mostly another collection of poems to be printed as my second book.  First book “Songlines of Ophelia”

was printed by Xlibris in 2009.

Who are some of your favorite writers and authors? 

Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Billy Collins

What genres do you write (if other than poetry)?

Just poetry in the literary world

Anything else you would like to share with the readers of HIP Literary Magazine or that we should know about you? 

Hmmmm – just that I love life, love people, love laughing, and being “HIP”!!!!



  1. I love Bisexual Man In The Moon! Twiggy Munford honors folklore with a modern-day twist saying, “A female you must surely be, rolling up your petticoats, pulling the tides gently to and from shores…” This is a beautiful rethinking of the man in the moon! Her female moon has a purpose, that of causing the tides. The male imagery of past folklore was instead, passive. He was only there to look at. Amazingly, lone shepherds or lonely hunters did not regard him as a female during their solitary nights, giving them solace. Yet Twiggy refrains from this being a feminist poem, in that her moon has a “manly face” and reigns supreme, “king and queen” of the night. This is grace-giving to both sexes as well as those who lie between the two–all being a part of Nature.

    Twiggy takes on the subject of Nature with a fresh perspective. As one who loves to consider Nature and her lessons, I would love to see more of Twiggy’s work on the natural world.

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