Ok, folks. We are holding a contest ONLY for fiction/flash fiction pieces, so submit your finest work!

Submissions are open now through October 28th, midnight, US, EST.

Please email all submissions to ace.coker12@gmail.com.

The categories are as follows:

– Fiction (no more than 1 piece with a 7 page maximum)

– Flash Fiction (no more than 3 pieces with a 7 page maximum total, NOT per piece)

Each category shall be judged separately with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place being awarded to each category. In cases where there is a conflict of interest, an anonymous outside judge shall be the deciding party. Applicants may submit in multiple categories, if they so choose, but must follow the above guidelines.

1ST PLACE PRIZE: Publication of the winning selection along with a spotlight interview to be published alongside the piece. You will also receive a certificate in the mail.

2ND PLACE PRIZE: Publication of the selection.

3RD PLACE PRIZE: Honorable mention on the site with possible publication in the future.

Any submissions are eligible for future publication in HIP Literary Magazine and thus NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS are allowed in the contest.

For further questions, details, etc. please contact Allie Coker-Schwimmer at ace.coker12@gmail.com



Allie “The Editor” Coker-Schwimmer



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