Tell Me Our Story by The Word Rummager (poetry)


It’s been too long since I’ve asked anyone to tell me a story

Will it always be thus?

Every word you utter, I blindly see as an answer

Each time you glance my way, I feel all is well in my world

My breath stays caught in my throat

I await a sign you’re paying attention

My hands clench to keep from wringing with anticipation

You speak and I hear water rushing to smooth rough stones

You smile and I swear I could die of joy in that moment

How will you ever know how close I was to my end

Are there any combinations of words I could make

To make you see the cubist portrait of my psyche

And how I have turned cozy impressionist

Tell me anything you want

I will listen to stories, stats, swearing

Anything but stillness

Tell me truths or lies or wishes

I just want to hear your voice

As you wear me down and polish me

My own ideas pushed aside awhile can’t hurt

That’s when the big waves come

And tell their own endings to our story


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