Spotlight on Children’s Author Laura Numeroff

Raise your hand if you read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie in your childhood. Great! Now if you haven’t read it, you really should! Even if you’re 40. And a motorcyclist. Because it’s not only one of my personal favorites, but very applicable to everyday life.

Laura Numeroff says:

I write because when I was a little girl, growing up in Brooklyn, I fell deeply in love with books and the library.  I used to beg my librarian to let me take out more than the weekly limit- I literally consumed children’s books like a very hungry carnivore!  My favorites from when I was five until this very day remain Eloise by Kay Thompson and Stuart Little by E.B. White.  And when I was nine I swore I wanted to make others feel as amazing as I did when I read great books.  I started writing and illustrating back then as a child,  then went to Pratt Institute. I took a class in writing and illustrating for children and sold my first book before I graduated.  Of course, it was a bumpy road after that, but then I wrote If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and that changed everything… writing is my life. Simple as that.”

I find my inspiration in my deep love of animals- also a relic from my childhood. Perhaps I owe my current success to my mother who wouldn’t let me have a pet!!  I’ve always found the innocence and ‘self-interest’ of animals touching and hilarious– and let’s face it- children love animals too!   So, animals are a great subject for children’s books.  And they are so much fun to write, watch and illustrate doing strange and silly things that children also do.  My cats inspire me and basically all animals inspire me. Even Guinea pigs!”


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