Multimedia Poetry by Mak Ogundipe

There’s no rest for the wicked.

We have been cursed to toil under a hot sun with soil that yields not,  and seasons where effort is all but waste,

Our sweat mix with tears to irrigate a harsh and arid soil yet all that is returned is the kicking up of dust!

Who will relieve us of our suffering, from whence will our Oasis come? With haste!

Before we perish from dried throats and empty bellies, I entreat the sky to please rain down on me.

Is it not written that “it rains on the just and the unjust?”

So why have I been forgotten, why are the rays of the unforgiving Sun the only thing that rain upon my head?!

Yes, there’s no rest for the wicked, not a single wink. The only rest we’ll find is when we’re dead.

But there is peace for the righteous.

Those who have been called according to God’s purpose and promises, trusting in the truth of His word that will never be void,

Our prayers are seasoned with the sweet scents of praise that please his ear and fill up His nose with incense.

We rely on the comforter, the teacher, the Holy Spirit to cultivate the fruits of Peace and Love within,

And to flood our cistern with a “river of living water” that quenches all thirst forever!

Is it not written that “we are more than conquerors in Christ?”

So why do you falter, why do you fear oh heart of mine? My God is not a man that he should fail, nor a charlatan that he reneges on a promise.

Though the soil may be dry, the rain will come. I will be still and know you are God.

Mak Ogundipe is just a guy born in Africa, raised in America, and trying to find his way back home amongst the stars.

***Mak Ogundipe nor HIP Literary Magazine claim to hold any rights regarding the Youtube links.


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