Get Creative!

Hello All!

As summer comes to a close for some of us, let’s focus our minds and motives towards writing and voicing the opinions we’ve stored up all season! HIP is looking for some new talent and that means submissions. THAT’S RIGHT- HIP WANTS YOU! Yes, you. And even you. Outlined below are a few things we look for and I’m hoping to see my inbox flood any moment now (oh yeah).

Reviews: We don’t care if it’s a movie, book, play, album. We don’t care if it’s old, new, new to you, or undiscovered. We just want to hear your take on it! Want to compare two superhero movies you saw recently or two superhero movies that are 20 years apart? Great. Want to disagree with The New Yorker about a particular book review? Also fine. Give us your opinion written in a savvy, and evidence-based way and we’ll consider it!

Fiction: We welcome everything from novel excerpts (the first chapter, please) to flash fiction. Have a great story about your life that you’ve shrouded in the term “fiction”? Great, pass it along. Pen names accepted. We’re not putting any limits on genres just yet, we just want to read your best work and see if it’s a good fit!

Nonfiction: PLEASE SUBMIT MORE NONFICTION! I know there are plenty of you writers out there who love this genre (looking at YOU!) If you want to write a sports article, fine. If you want to write a personal essay or submit part of a memoir, also fine. Newsworthy topics come and go every day and I’d love to read more articles and essays of nonfiction.

Poetry: Haiku, sonnet, ballad, verse, ode, anaphora, ekphrasis, elegy, epic, villanelle, prose, sestina, pastoral, limerick (that’s right, Bill Boden, I said limerick). No matter what form it comes in, we all love a good poem. Now what makes a good poem? Trickier to describe, but we’re betting you’ve got some stashed away at the bottom of your drawer or in the back of your mind. Now would be the time to get those out and dust them off, please. They can be short as this year’s fashions or as long as 5 pages (but no more please). Send ’em in!

Plays: Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be the first person to submit a play to HIP LITERARY MAGAZINE?!? Answer: yes, you would. So do it.

Other: Humor, travel, opinion, etc. are all received well and encouraged. Not to mention game reviews which should have been listed at the top in “Reviews” (I’m eyeballing you, Matt Richardson).

Send us your submissions- you know you want to.


Allie Coker-Schwimmer, Editor


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