Authors Talk!

Here are some more responses to the questions 1) Why do you write? and/or 2) Where do you find inspiration?

Jamie Ford, author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, says:

“I guess I just enjoy the process of writing. I was once asked, “Which do you like more—writing, or the idea of being a writer?” It was, and is, a very delicate and powerful question. If you enjoy the process of writing, you’ll eventually do well. But if you romanticize the idea of being a writer, you’re probably in it for the wrong reasons. In that case, keep your day job, buy a Vespa, and hang out at Starbucks and brood a lot. You can enjoy all of the affectations without the struggle.”

Livia J. Washburn, author of The Fresh Baked Mystery Series, says:

My inspiration for writing the Fresh Baked Mystery series was my mother, for the most part. She was an elementary school teacher and spent many years in her first grade classroom making sure her students had the best start on their education that she could give them. Several other of my relatives were teachers as well, so I’ve always been around that educational background and wanted to write something that had retired teachers as the main characters. And my mom was a great baker, too, so that certainly helped!”


Allie Coker-Schwimmer




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