Oh, and a Bonus!

So now for the unveiling: I’ve been in contact with several authors to ask them the basic question of

1) why do you write and/or

2) where do you find inspiration?

While these are seemingly simplistic questions, sometimes it is best to get back to the roots of why we write, what makes us tick. We’re always having new ideas, and focusing on getting published, but to take a moment to stop and think- hey, why do I do what I do?

Well, that’s more rare.

I present to you the first answer, given by Alexandra Styron. I read her book, Reading My Father, which details life growing up with her famous father, William Styron (Sophie’s Choice), and heard her speak in Chapel Hill. Both Styrons have impeccable writing skills and I highly recommend you give them a read.


Alexandra Styron:

A) I write because I don’t know how to do anything else 🙂

B) I’m intrigued by the tension between the world as it appears and that which is hidden. And I’ve always been a kind of psychological busybody, thinking to myself “Yes but why is she that way? What made him do that?” So in both my fiction and nonfiction, I like to explore the underbelly of character and the ticking of the heart.

Look for the next author response soon!


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