We Just Can’t Get Enough!

Familiarity’s Sake

A part of a former life rejoined the puzzle

and asked the picture

if it knew how to adjust?

Looking at curves and complements,

landscapes to be completed,

extras had no place

but to satellite the scene,

to be stars not shown

and enjoy distance

as admiration is easiest that way.

So wishes are given

and wish is made

from the cock of the whip

and womb of leash

at night under

foreign books for familiarity’s sake.


No Such Event Occurred

Too much room was left for myth

between hand, mouth

and rice and beans

on those school nights

Which were also work nights

* * *

Through stationary glass

and bars

Brooklyn could rise to meet Dutch masters

still in native land

as offspring

settled this broken one.

Looks don’t, can’t last long in the hustle

But an afternoon’s gaze

have no end

through snow and rain.

* * *

Spring leaves its signs

and reasons for seasons

are expanded in school

And yet in delay and early arrival

and five day forecast

and rising wheat prices

Detours and excuses are made.

* * *

Kindness should divorce dishonesty

they’re no good for each other

though they travel well


knowing just what to pack

for each stop on itinerary

each task of the agenda

But fail in contingencies.

* * *

Failure is a contingency

even to success

and to everything

except death

Where myth returns

for comfort once again

to dip mortals’ dead bodies

in Styx

and pull them up


where in previous stories

no such event


Sprawl Invades

The posteriori essence

that which exists after death

That could qualify



* * *

The build-up

and this is why


to unnamables

Lobbies every moment


with people

waiting for elevators

* * *


is what

comes next

* * *

What came before

in primacy

was innocent

* * *

And in the midst

of this trilemma


the dialectic

opens up

drops out

its egg

Here is the nexus

where ghosts go heard

not seen

Explanation is beyond natural.

For a hole,

the world for a hole

to hear

to slip through

to get a surprise

For a plug




* * *

On the bright side,

storms pass

or make landfall

but the horse remains.

* * *

A shell-

from broken beginning

feathers burst

morning is saluted

electricity taunted

for respite

crest falls

* * *


who became human

from globes

sat spinning

in the great before?

Continuing forward


falls lower

raises higher

enters redundancy


to pre and proto


* * *


Essence knows no debonair


Yet vital in quantity

when . . .

* * *

Returning from the other side of distance

is a serious venture.

Sprawl invades – long since sent

spirits away.

Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia is the author of This Sentimental Education and Enter the After-Garde.   He was raised in Brooklyn, NY and has a degree in Linguistics from SUNY Albany.  He was a cook for a dozen years but now spends his nights putting boxes on shelves.  By day, he runs kjpgarcia.wordpress.com and altpoetics.wordpress.com.  


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