Hello all! Please find below some guidelines regarding your submissions.

All submissions may be sent as an attachment in .doc format to ACE.COKER12@GMAIL.COM or, if you cannot format it in .doc, then you may paste it into the body of your email. Once your piece is selected, you may be asked for a short bio.

Unfortunately, at this time HIP Literary Magazine cannot pay for publication, but it’s a good way to see your writing online and to have the resume credit!

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, humor, reviews, essays, etc. are all welcome! If you have a book you would like to submit, please send me the first three chapters of it as we won’t be able to publish all of your book, but rather excerpts.

There is no particular word count nor genre we are looking for, but rather just quality writing produced by you! We read submissions all year round.

Multiple submissions are more than welcome, simultaneous submissions are fine too but please let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere first. If we publish you first, you are more than welcome to be re-published elsewhere. Please DO NOT submit pieces to HIP that have already been published elsewhere.

If you have any questions or comments, please email them to ace.coker12@gmail.com.

Thanks, keep writing, and send us some!

Allie Coker-Schwimmer



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